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Rose Valley Chorus & Orchestra


   Production History


    Abel Frake - Paul Kerrigan
    Gus - Mary Beth Dostillio
    Margy Frake - Margy Frake
    Melissa Frake - Sheila Gaarder
    Wayne Frake - Michael J. Krencicki
    Dave Miller - Wayne Jones
    Eleanor - Cleo Hoey
    Harry - Cassidy Martinez
    The Fair Announcer - Bruce Conley
    Uncle Sam - Dave Verduin
    Barkers -
    Geralyn Arango
    Michael Dutka
    Bill Michael
    Sharon Weil-Chalker
    Emily Arden - Cara Nardone
    The Astounding Stralenko - Michael Dutka
    Vivian - Marissa Capuano
    Jeanne - Lauren Knecht
    Pat Gilbert - Rob Hull
    Charlie -
    Lem - Dave Zaffarano
    Clay - Michael Dutka
    Hank Munson - Ellie Knickman
    The Chief of Poice - Dave Zaffarano
    Violet - Sarah Guyer
    The Fairtones -
    Marissa Capuano
    Cleo Hoey
    Lauren Knecht
    Sally Sapega
    Sharon Weil-Chalker
    Cathy Wakefield
    Judge Heppenstahl - Keenya Jackson
    Mrs. Edwin Metcalf of Pottsville - Cathy Wakefield
    Assistant Judges
    Lisa Cleek
    Kathy Michael
    Sally Sapega
    Lisa Cleek
    2 Roustabouts -  
    Geralyn Arrango
    Marissa Capuano
    Bruce Conley
    Michael Dutka
    Kenna Gonzales
    Sarah Guyer
    Cleo Hoey
    Keenya Jackson
    Wayne Jones
    Lauren Knecht
    Sally Sapega
    Cathy Wakefield
    Sharon Weil-Chalker
    Dave Zaffarano


    Co-Stage Director - Robert Moore & Julie Zaffarano
    Music Director - Michael Stadnicki
    Choreographer - Jan Streicher
    Producer - Michael J. Krencicki
    Stage Manager - Kathy Michael
    Stage Crew -
    Jack Lyons
    Debbie Jones
    Barb Matheson
    Mary Beth Dostillio
    Costumes - Marybeth Krencicki
    Set Design - Joe Southard
    Set Contruction Chair - Dave Zaffarano,
      Ken Clarke
      Wayne Jones
      Elizabeth D'Wolf
      Mary Beth Dostillio
      Props - Lisa Cleek
      Publicity - Barb Matheson
      House - Dave Verduin, Allison Fogle, Michael Krencicki
      Playbill - Molly Lazer
      Rehearsal Hospitality - Cathy Wakefield
    State Fair

    Originally based on Phil Strong's novel of the same name, Rodgers and Hammerstein's State Fair was the only musical they wrote directly for feature film. In 1995, this romantic story set in America's heartland was adapted for the stage, featuring additional songs from the Rodgers and Hammerstein songbook. State Fair follows the Frake family's journey from their farm to the three-day 1946 Iowa State Fair.

    Ma and Pop are intent on winning prizes for their accomplishments in hog raising and mincemeat cooking, while their children Margy and Wayne have romantic adventures ahead of them. As Margy and Wayne find love and heartbreak on the midway, they discover what they find most important and carry home lessons on love and life that will sustain them long after the State Fair. Features an Academy Award-winning score, including the hit song, "It Might as Well Be Spring."

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