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Rose Valley Chorus & Orchestra

CAST LIST FOR A Christmas Carol - the Musical

   Production History


    A Beadle - Bill Michael
    Mr. Smythe - Stephen Butt
    Grace Smythe - Natalia Assetto
    Ebenezer Scrooge - Rob Hull
    Bob Cratchit - Jeff Swafford
    Mrs. Cratchit - Laura Markowski
    Tiny Tim - Sage Linclon
    Martha - Cassidy Martinez
    Poulterer - Bruce Conley
    Fred Anderson - Chris Rubino
    Sally Anderson - Tammy Sarosy
    Anderson Family - Brian Rubino, Tammy S.
    Jonathan - Marc Rubino
    Ghost of Christmas Present (Sandwichboard Man) - Michael Krencicki
    Want and Ignorance - Brian Rubino, Marc Rubino
    Ghost of Christmas Past (Lamplighter) - Kate Philips-Kaiser
    Ghost of Christmas Future (Blind Old Hag) - Terry D'Andrea
    Mrs. Mopps - Ellie Knickman
    Marley - Robert Moore
    Scrooge's Father - Bill Michael
    Scrooge's Mother - Shana Gordon
    Mr. Hawkins - Bill Michael
    Scrooge at 8 - Brian Rubino
    Scrooge at 12 - Cassidy Martinez
    Fan at 10 - Natalia Assetto
    Mr. Fezziwig - Charles Spyres
    Mrs. Fezziwig - Lisa Franks
    Young Ebenezer - Chris Rubino
    Young Marley - Bob Moore
    Emily - Kat Carr
    Four Abundance and Charity Elves - Kate
    Two Undertakers - Bob Moore, Mefg Hazel
    Old Joe - Meg Hazel
    Charity Men -
    Meg Hazel
    Robert Moore
    Willie Dahms
    Bruce Conley
    Monks -
    Stephen Butt
    Felicia Gaus-Woollen
    Willie Dahms
    Bruce Conley
    Natalie Assetto
    Stephen Butt
    Kat Carr
    Lisa Cleek
    Bruce Conley
    Willie Dahms
    Terry D'Andrea
    Gina D'Orio
    Mary Beth Dostillio
    Lisa Frank
    Felicia Gaaus-Woollen
    Sarah Gober
    Shana Gordon
    Meg Hazel
    Ellie Knickman
    Michael Krencicki
    Sage Lincoln
    Laura Markowski
    Cassidy Martinez
    Bill Michael
    Robert Moore
    Kate Kaiser
    Brian Rubino
    Marc Rubino
    Diane Runkel
    Tammy Sarosy
    Charles Spyres
    Jeff Swafford
    Cathy Wakefield


    Stage Director - Sally Foster-Chang
    Music Director - Joseph Cosentino
    Choral Director - Bob Binkley
    Choreographer - Jan Streicher
    Producer - Bill Michael
    Costumes - Janice Manley
    Costumes - MJ Clark
    Stage Manager - Kathy Michael
    Assistant to the Stage Manager - Jocelyn Kurtze
    Set Design - Chris Rubino
    Set Contruction - Ken Clark
    Set Contruction - Dave Zaffarano
    Lighting Design - Robert Iodice
    Lighting Crew - David Fuhrman
    Sound Design - Michael Chang
    Props - Lisa Cleek
    Publicity - Barb Matheson
A Christmas Carol

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