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Rose Valley Chorus & Orchestra

CAST LIST FOR The Naughty Marietta, Revised 2018

   Production History


    A Beadle - Bill Michael
    Mr. Smythe - Stephen Butt
    Grace Smythe - Natalia Assetto
    Ebenezer Scrooge - Rob Hull
    Bob Cratchit - Jeff Swafford
    Mrs. Cratchit - Laura Markowski
    Tiny Tim - Pending (Sage)/Addy Gray
    Martha - Cassidy Martinez
    Poulterer - tbd
    Fred Anderson - Chris Rubino
    Sally Anderson - Sarah Norton
    Anderson Family - Brian Rubino, Tammy S.
    Jonathan - Marc Rubino
    Ghost of Christmas Present (Sandwichboard Man) - Michael Krencicki
    Want and Ignorance - Brian Rubino, tbd
    Ghost of Christmas Past (Lamplighter) - Kate Phillips-Kaiser
    Ghost of Christmas Future (Blind Old Hag) - Teresa D’Andrea
    Mrs. Mopps - Ellie Knickman
    Marley - Robert Moore
    Scrooge's Father - Bill Michael
    Scrooge's Mother - Shana Gordon
    Mr. Hawkins - Bill Michael
    Scrooge at 12 - Cassidy Martinez
    Fan at 10 - Natalia Assetto
    Mr. Fezziwig - Charles Spires
    Young Ebenezer - Chris Rubino
    Young Marley - Bob Moore
    Emily - Kat Carr
    Two Grannies - to be cast
    Four Abundance and Charity Elves - Kate
    Two Undertakers - Bob Moore and to be cast
    Old Joe - Meg Hazel
    Monks - chorus
    Marissa Capuano
    Don Cheetham
    Meg Hazel
    Shaelyn Fabik
    Alfred Hurd
    Ellie Hurd
    Wayne Jones
    Doug Kurtze
    Sarah Norton
    Diane Runkel
    Sally Sapega
    Jeff Swafford
    Cathy Wakefield


    Stage Director - Sally Foster-Chang
    Music Director - Joseph Cosentino
    Choreographer - Jan Streicher
    Producer - Bill Michael
    Costumes - Janice Manley
    Costumes - MJ Clark
    Stage Manager - Kathy Michael
    Assistant to the Stage Manager - Jocelyn Kurtze
    Set Design - Chris Rubino
    Set Contruction - Ken Clark
    Set Contruction - Dave Zaffarano
    Lighting Design - Robert Iodice
    Lighting Crew - David Fuhrman
    Sound Design - Michael Chang
    Props - Lisa Cleek
    Publicity - Barb Matheson
A Christmas Carol

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