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Rose Valley Chorus & Orchestra


A Christmas Carol: The Musical

When: Sunday May 19, 7:00 - 9:30 pm and Wednesday May 22, 7:30 - 10:00 p.m., 2019

**NEW** Monday June 3, 7:30 - 10:00 p.m.

Where: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 927 S. Providence Road, Wallingford.

Sign up at You will be asked for your name, phone number, and email.

  • Director Sally Foster-Chang. Vocal Director Bill Binkley. Orchestral Director Joseph Consentino
  • All roles available.
    Needed: 7 male, 5 female, 2 non-gender specific (18 & up preferred) leads; 3 boys (6 - 14) & 1 girl (10 - 12) leads; and chorus with many minor roles from the ensemble. Character descriptions, directions to audition site, and additional information.
  • Rehearsals start September 2019 and are Sunday 7:00-9:30 pm; Monday and Wednesday evenings 7:30-10:00 p.m.
  • Show dates are to be determined but wil be in November with weekend matinee and evening performance plus one Wednesday performance at Strath Haven Middle School.

Download and bring the filled out audition form to your appointment.

Use the links below to open a PDF file of the audition material for the desired role.  Read the role for the selection unless otherwise noted.

Character / Voice part


Audition Music* / Reading


Baritone – ability to “talk sing”

50-60s, rough, mean, curmudgeon, self-absorbed and money hungry




Scrooge’s poor clerk trying to support a family, warm, loving and focused on family, age somewhat fluid

measures 141 - 162

Tiny Tim

Boy Soprano or Alto

Child, age 6-10, crippled, but exceedingly cute and sweet

measures 6 - 66

Fred Anderson

Tenor or High Baritone

Scrooge’s nephew, desires a relationship with Scrooge as he never knew his mother, 40’s - 50’s

Measures 22 - 61

Ghost of Christmas Present / Sandwich-board man

Tenor or Soprano

Any age, large jovial man or woman who exudes wonder of Christmas

Measures 11 - 35


Ghost of Christmas Past / Lamplighter man or woman


Any age, could be man or woman, wise and magical – must inspire sentimental feelings

Measures 8 - 63


Ghost of Christmas Future / blind old hag (woman)

Mezzo-soprano or soprano

Any age, filled with foreboding and mystery

Measures 8 - 63



Tenor or High Baritone

Scrooge’s old partner, acrimonious, now a ghost in chains

Measures 22 - 61



Girl Soprano

Scrooge’s sister, age 10 - 12

Measures: 380 - 393; Read Child part



Street Urchin, age 8 - 10

Measures: 380 - 393; Read Child part



Any age, One of Scrooge’s kindest employers

Measures 17 - 37

Mrs. Fezziwig


Mr. Fezziwig’s jubilant, fun loving wife, age consistent with Mr. Fezziwig

Measures 17 - 37

Mrs. Mops


Scrooge’s long-suffering housekeeper, any age over 40

Three businessmen: Measures 100 - 105; 117 - 120

Scrooge at 12

Boy soprano

Boy, age 11 - 14

Measures 380 - 393; Read Child part

Scrooge as a young man (18 in the show)

Tenor or High Baritone

Age, 20s - 30s, Scrooge before he lost his innocence, falls in love with Emily

measures 22 - 59

Young Marley

Tenor or high Baritone

Scrooge’s best friend and business partner, 20s - 30s

measures 22 – 61; Read Young Scrooge part



Young Scrooge’s love interest, 20s - 30s

Measures 380 - 393

Sally Anderson


Fred Anderson’s wife

Measures: 380 – 393; Read Emily part

Mrs. Cratchit


Mr. Cratchit’s wife, age consistent with Cratchit

measures 380 - 393; Read Cratchit part

Speaking / Dancing / Singing roles in the ensemble



Minor roles:

Beadle, Carolers, Fishmonger, Solo-singing Bankers, Charity men, Mr. Smythe, Poulterer, Scrooge’s double, Scrooge’s father, Mr. Hawkins, Marley’s four acolytes, Fred Anderson’s family, two undertakers, Old Joe; Carolers, Rich women, Charwomen, Grace Smythe (age 10-12), pantomime girls, Scrooge’s mother, Two grannies, four Abundance and Charity Girls (dancers), Fred Anderson’s family, Friendly tarts and maids

Variety of roles, any age, any appearance, will be cast from the chorus if necessary, but preference will be given to those who audition!



These roles double as choral roles, Will cast to balance SATB chorus: choose an appropriate song from above (many of these roles involve solo or trio singing)

Voice parts – any*

Reading: Any of the male or female readings

* Note: Auditioners may, alternatively, choose to sing a selection of their own choosing that shows their range, but they must bring sheet music in the correct key (an accompanist will be available). Please limit selections to less than 32 measures.

Marley’s Acolytes , Abundance and Charity girls must be able to move well.

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